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  • Key To Success: Answer Your Underwriter’s Questions Before They Ask September 30, 2022
    We are here to provide our expertise when it comes to writing good cover letters. We can even write them for you. We will help explain the purpose of your applications to our carrier underwriters.
    CPS Insurance Services
  • 4 Ways LTC Insurance Provides Tax Advantages September 29, 2022
    Taking the time to explain the tax advantages may provide the tipping point for clients who are hesitant about purchasing a policy.
    LTC Sales
  • Avoiding “Sticker Shock” With Disability Income Sales September 28, 2022
    While Disability Income plans can be costly for some - it certainly doesn't have to be.
    Thomas Nicols
  • 162 Executive Bonus – The Biggest Drawback Solved? September 27, 2022
    Deferred compensation (or SERPs) and split dollar plans have become too regulation-laden and require too much administration, record-keeping and reporting to jingle any bells amongst most prospects. What to do?
    Tom Virkler
  • A Valuable Tool For Supplementing Retirement Income September 26, 2022
    Life Insurance, properly structured, can be a valuable tool for clients to supplement their retirement planning efforts.
    Rob Reedy
  • Case Placement: An Underwriting Winning Play September 23, 2022
    Score big on the insurance gridiron - our Underwriting Team, we’ll help you get your tough cases placed.
    Trina Snowney
  • Starting The LTC Conversation September 22, 2022
    Your main goal should be asking the right questions. Many producers make the mistake of showing an illustration too soon - the premium then becomes the problem instead of the solution. You must first develop the need.
    LTC Sales
  • The Benefit of Key Person Replacement Insurance September 21, 2022
    Key Person Replacement Insurance is necessary to business owners who want to maintain the strength of their company if a key employee were to become totally disabled.
    Thomas Nicols
  • Sweat Equity On The Come September 20, 2022
    Underwriter hesitancy comes from comparing a key person need with a different financial justification involving future ownership – insuring against anticipated estate tax liability.
    Tom Virkler
  • Proven Method Leads To Giant Cases September 19, 2022
    Hundreds of thousands of businesses across the nation are approaching the retirement or death of their founders or chief executives with no plans for succession or inadequate plans that will fail to produce the desired results.
    CPS Insurance Services