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  • Client’s Family History Have You Down? We Have a Solution! January 27, 2023
    Our Underwriting Team is here to help with all your impaired risk cases.
    CPS Insurance Services
  • The “Third-Tier” Of Income Protection For Top Wage Earners January 25, 2023
    A high-cap excess personal DI is a great way for physicians, attorneys, accountants, and white-collar executives to find appropriate levels of economic safeguard.
    Thomas Nicols
  • Term Insurance: Examining The Conversion Options January 24, 2023
    A wise advisor looking beneath the price tags will find that, similar cost notwithstanding, some term products are more equal than others.
    Tom Virkler
  • Special Needs Planning January 23, 2023
    When a Special Needs Trust is properly funded with a Life Insurance policy you are providing a great supplement to their existing government benefits and creating comprehensive solutions for a special situation.
    CPS Insurance Services
  • Underwriting Niches Lead To Opportunities To Place More Cases January 20, 2023
    We know how to elevate your sales. We are experts when it comes to new and innovative underwriting changes.
    CPS Insurance Services
  • Profitable LTCI Sales: 4 Items You Need To Know January 19, 2023
    A brief review of one or two insurance company underwriting guides will provide the basic questions one needs to ask prospects and clients for a smoother process.
    Matt Anderson
  • Generating Sales With A DI Benefit Review January 18, 2023
    Are you looking to increase your personal production and income?  One straightforward way to generate additional sales with existing clients is to offer a Disability Income Benefit Review.
    Thomas Nicols
  • Insuring Key Signal-Callers January 17, 2023
    Sometimes a director’s input is so impactful that the untimely loss of his or her services could have an adverse economic impact on the business.  A little company-owned coverage on such a director might seem wise and in order.
    Tom Virkler
  • Using Existing Exam Requirements January 13, 2023
    Whatever the scenario, it’s always good to hear that it’s not too late to use the same exam!
    Trina Snowney
  • How To Breakthrough The Couple Rejection Objection January 12, 2023
    Once you’ve overcome the objections, we will help you make certain your clients have the right LTCi plan in place to meet their needs.
    LTC Sales