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  • Executive Bonus With Cost Recovery! October 26, 2021
    Try treating a split dollar plan like an executive bonus arrangement that turns over control of money paid to the executive only according to the terms of an agreed upon “vesting-like” schedule.
    Tom Virkler
  • Help Protect Your Client’s Income With Linked Benefit Life Insurance October 25, 2021
    Today, many carriers are offering linked benefit products which allow your clients to access a percentage of their policy's death benefit in order to cover expenses.
    CPS Insurance Services
  • Underwriting Breast Cancer October 22, 2021
    Getting life insurance for clients with a history of breast cancer can be challenging, but thanks to one of our A+ carriers, more of your clients with a history of breast cancer could be eligible for favorable rates.
    Trina Snowney
  • 3 Ways To Start A LTCI Sale With Your Retirement-Age Prospects October 21, 2021
    By crafting your sales approach, you can reach out to these prospects about affordable long term care insurance and designing a plan within their budget.
    LTC Sales
  • Business Owners Protect Their Business With Key Person DI October 20, 2021
    Key Person Coverage provides the crucial benefits and cash flow a company needs to move forward, while maintaining profitability if a key person were to incur an injury or illness.
    Thomas Nicols
  • Clean Up Your Beneficiary Mess October 19, 2021
    The Uniform Transfers to Minors Act (UTMA) enables you to title property (or craft a beneficiary designation) in the name of a custodian for the benefit of a minor child.
    Tom Virkler
  • The Shocking Truth About The Average American Household October 18, 2021
    More than half of Americans believed that they would feel the financial impact from the loss of the primary wage earner within six months.
    CPS Insurance Services
  • How To Multiply Your Sales Using Just The Basics October 15, 2021
    How much does an insurance company think that your client is worth?  Many times, it is much more than how much your client actually does, and we have their underwriting guidelines to prove it!
    CPS Insurance Services
  • Profitable LTCI Sales: 4 Items You Need To Know October 14, 2021
    A brief review of one or two insurance company underwriting guides will provide the basic questions one needs to ask prospects and clients for a smoother process.
    Matt Anderson
  • Income Protection – The Time Is Now October 13, 2021
    Start the conversation with young couples, ages 25 to 45 – they are the top prospects for income protection.  They’re purchasing homes and starting families – it’s an ideal time to build a foundation of financial protection.
    Thomas Nicols