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  • Making The Case For Private LTC Insurance January 21, 2021
    Now is the time to start having conversations with your clients about LTC planning, the risk of depending on government programs, and how those programs differ from private LTC insurance.
    CPS Insurance Services
  • Clients Find New Value with Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) January 20, 2021
    We have partnered with the nation’s Top Carriers to provide your clients with Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) that best suit their demographics and needs.
    Thomas Nicols
  • Charity Begins At Home, Not At The Carrier January 19, 2021
    The fields are hardly white for harvest if an insurance advisor intends to get rich selling charitable-owned coverage.  Nonetheless, there are circumstances where carriers may look beyond the donation-multiple standard.
    Tom Virkler
  • Get To Know Your Clients Better – Use Our Sales & Marketing Resources January 18, 2021
    When you know which questions to ask, and learn detail of what your clients would like to accomplish, you start to get a clear picture of what matters most.
    Sean Farrell
  • Expedite Cases With Field Underwriting January 15, 2021
    Our Underwriting Team is here to provide guidance and direction – the full story of each client's health history has a shot at a happy ending.
    Trina Snowney
  • 75 Must-Know Statistics About Long-Term Care January 14, 2021
    Who will need it and for how long, how much it will cost, the state of the long-term care insurance marketplace, and the toll on caregivers.
    CPS Insurance Services
  • The Advantages Of A Full Product Portfolio January 13, 2021
    This product portfolio includes Accident Only, Short-Term Disability (accident/sickness), Long-Term Disability (accident/sickness) and Business Operating Expense.
    Thomas Nicols
  • Incompetency Planning January 12, 2021
    There is a tendency in the planning process to focus on the matters of final arrangements, like wills and life insurance, and not give proper attention to the possibility of incapacity prior to death.
    Tom Virkler
  • Life Insurance For The Small Business Market Restrictive 162 Executive Bonus Plans January 11, 2021
    The executive bonus is a great sales concept for the small business market and can generate significant commissionable sales to the producer.
    CPS Insurance Services
  • Underwriting Credits Help Make The Sale January 8, 2021
    The following case studies show how the identification and application of underwriting credits can significantly reduce premiums.
    CPS Insurance Services