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MERIT Insurance Services offers you competitive Fixed, Equity Indexed or Single Premium Immediate Annuities.

Updates are sent out weekly and you can always find current information right here at our website. Rely on our trained staff for product education and marketing ideas. To confirm rates or for more information, call us at 860-233-3626 or 800-477-8546.

Products for Both Growth and Income.
Products for Both Growth and Income.

Fixed Rate Annuities

Provide your clients with the stability of a fixed interest rate guaranteed to never fall below the stated minimum. Fixed Rate Annuities offer competitive interest rates that are usually higher than those of CDs or money market accounts. Liquidity options may include 10% free withdrawals, systematic interest withdrawals or return of premium guaranteed. Your clients can also annuitize their Fixed Rate Annuity to ensure a guaranteed paycheck for as long as they live.

Index Annuities

Index Annuities link interest credits to a common market index such as the S&P500, NASDAQ or Dow Jones Industrial Average. If the market index declines in value, your client’s account is protected. When the index goes up, the index annuity may gain value. Gains in index annuities are often times substantially higher than interest rates available from Fixed Rate Annuities or other retirement savings vehicles. All the while, Index Annuities offer the same liquidity and income options as Fixed Rate Annuities.

Immediate Annuities

Also known as Income Annuities, Immediate Annuities (or SPIA) generate income payments to clients within 12 months of the issue date. Your client’s SPIA income plan can be designed to last a lifetime, a set period (such as 10 years) or a mixture of both. SPIA are great for clients who seek the peace of mind that comes from a guaranteed paycheck now.

Medicaid SPIA Planning

This market represents a huge opportunity for brokers because it provides a valuable resource to members of the aging population who are facing the high costs of long term care such as nursing home facilities. Now is the time to contact your Estate Planning Attorneys and tell them you have a Medicaid SPIA with the proper verbiage and it can be run at less than a 5 Year Period Certain which attorneys want. You will get repeat business from these attorneys like you can’t believe; this is a market that you should not overlook!