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Banner AppAssist Program

Banner Life’s AppAssistĀ® program is designed to make it easy for you to facilitate the sale of high-quality, low-cost life insurance. This is a good option for straightforward, smaller term cases without complex medical histories.

Things you should know about the Banner Life AppAssist Process:

  • Available for all Banner term products. No Universal Life, Long Term Care or other products are available at this time
  • Up to age 70 issue available up to $3,000,000 and over age 70 up to $500,000
  • Temporary Insurance is NOT available with this process
  • All signatures from the client are collected during the process
  • Please share the attached consumer brochure with your client to remind them that they will be contacted by phone and what to expect. Banner handles everything
  • William Penn NY term products are available (special on-line application and AppAssist paper forms available along with the Banner link and forms.) Please note this program is not available in NY for replacement cases
  • Your MERIT Case Manager will keep you up-to-date regarding phone interview status, exam status and any other requirements that Banner has ordered and send you the underwriting decision and the policy (e-delivery of this policy is made an available option to your client during the interview)

Please see marketing materials to explain the AppAssist process:

  • AppAssist Agent Guide
  • AppAssist Consumer Guide
  • AppAssist Agent Addendum – Existing Banner Agents may need to sign and submit this to MERIT with their first AppAssist submission, check with your MERIT Licensing Specialist.

The on-line application option is the fastest way for you and your client to proceed with this program. You do not have to be contracted with Banner/William Penn to use the on-line request but please contact your MERIT Case Manager to get contracted with Banner/William Penn as soon as possible if you are not or they will contact you when they receive your submission.

The other option is to submit the paper application to your MERIT Case Manager to process.

  • AppAssist Paper Application (Banner)
  • AppAssist Paper Application (William Penn)