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Instant Decision Underwriting

How many of your clients do not want to have to do a paramed? How many of your clients just had a child? How many of your clients need coverage in a hurry due to a bank loan or divorce? How many of your clients have been stuck in underwriting for months, waiting on medical records from their doctor?

This Instant Decision Underwriting program is the next generation of life underwriting that uses cutting edge technology to get your client from quote to coverage in under 10 minutes. There is nothing like it in the industry. This 100% online program offers competitive rates for ages 18-60, Preferred Best to Standard risks, with No Paramed, Blood, or Urine, No APS, and No Telephone Interview, all from an A+ AM Best carrier. This is a must program for your clients – a simple way to expedite the underwriting process and help your clients find the coverage they need!